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Digitally Dominant Automotive

Digitally Dominant, High Performance, High Value (ROI), 'Smarter' Automotive & Data Solutions.  We know we're smarter than our  competition, so we don't compete, we just build seemingly simple & intuitive apps, based on 'really smart' services, while working on some of the most important, unsolved problems in computer science & the automotive industry - e.g. The fundamental approaches we take to solving a multi-dimensional complex pattern; while supporting our member's philanthropic & privacy interests.

GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™&™ are trademarks of Digitally Dominant Data, a division of Digitally Dominant Automotive LLC; @2018; offices in Watsonville, CA, Longmont, CO, Union City, GA & Palm Springs, CA; more coming very soon.

Digitally Dominant Automotive

ACTIONABLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE from "smart" IoT, media market research & psychometrics, producing overly productive & beneficial "cutting edge" < 1 > Automotive & data technologies ("Smart OBD-II", Equity-Mining + Psychometrics, "licensed" anonymous research & Enterprise data tech), < 2 > Related automotive apps & services, and < 3 > Digitally Dominant Data's (a 501(c)3 DDA division) GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ BIG Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Services Club...

Converting GDPR liabilities into invaluable assets, and socially responsible R&D into (tax deductible) 501(c)3's (supporter/ follower funding Channel) for business & social organizations, and unlocking the potential of psychographics (the most insightful classification with 6-10 behavior traits).  

No political donations are supported by 501(c)3 definition, however, you may buy our research club's (™) anonymous, actionable psychographic research data, and our deep (insightful) pattern analysis & (80%+) behavioral predictions (that you won't find anywhere else) as a very afforable, charitable tax deduction, fueling medical & market research, based on a framework of guaranteed integrity (monitoring psychometric data for socially responsible usage and causes for their social impact).

Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data for socially responsible use, will transform the extraordinary value of anonymous market research into an extraordinary amount of social impact and business intelligence.  Anonymous social interaction data will become a social currency for people & their causes, along with a foundaton for actionable business insight, changing forever the research & philanthropic landscape.  We (DDD) are philanthropic business & technical polymaths with a history and a vision.  

We are the people's champions of security, privacy, research, marketing, funding & philanthropy.  We do this by harnessing psychometric research, monitoring (our framework of Integrity-by-design), AI & anonymity,  providing invaluable insights for everyone (people like themselves, hosts & sponsors), while working on some of  the most important, unsolved problems in computer science & the auto industry (the stuff that requires you think in multiple dimensions & see the relationships between them, similar to taking polynomial equations and turning them into linear ones (e.g. The relationship to our P vs. NP  thinking along with being the foundation for quantum computing).  

We are accepting discounted deposits & LOIs from data buyers & DDD equity bids from mangement consulting partner candidates.  Please see DDD's mission statement below.  

GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™&™ are trademarks of Digitally Dominant Data, a division of Digitally Dominant Automotive LLC; @2018; offices in Watsonville, CA, Longmont, CO, Union City, GA & Palm Springs, CA; more coming very soon.

Digitally DOMINANT
Automotive (DDA) 

Welcome to Digitally Dominant Automotive's home page.  If you came here to learn about Digitally Dominant Automotive's apps, services & IC/expertise as it regards/relates to auto dealerships or related products and/or services, please proceed immediately to the 2nd link below.

Else, welcome to Digitally Dominant Automotive's special introduction for Digitally Dominant Data's Consulting, Research & Philanthropic Mission for Business & Humanity... aka "A 501(C)3 Solution for Security, Privacy & Socially Responsible Research, Marketing, Funding and Philanthropy", 10+ years in the making;

Our very comprehensive data strategy uses pattern analysis & behavior prediction.  We also work on some of the most important unsolved problems in computer science (like P vs NP):  See #4, #5 & 'Horizons' from the DDD button for more information.  

Founder's letter - Best Written Snapshot to date of DDD's amazing offering, that starts with tax deductible psychometric research; download here.  Also the latest press release at is here.  It's pretty good, not as good as the letter, but close... and then again there's the website, now enabled with show & hide links, driving everything online from a single page.... see it at the DDD Link below.  

[ I ] Avoid security & privacy issues with anonymous but invaluable psychometric & socio-geo-demographic TAGS: While Digitally Dominant Automotive's (DDA) business focuses on technology & services that leverage our engineering expertise & enterprise data analysis/manipulation skills, Digitally Dominant Data's (DDD) services are based on 10+ years of R&D dedicated ‎to addressing security & privacy by making market research data ‎anonymous but invaluable using psychometric tags (10+ ‎traits each/average) + anonymous social media & geo-demographic tags.

‎The results: 80%+ average accuracy; actionable; ‎for remarketing & mining patterns. This data reveals highly predictable individual ‎traits & behavior patterns by personality tag (the most insightful metric) & 2nd patterns, albeit 100% anonymous (e.g. ‎Identity/names removed; multi-group & psychometric tags replaced/added)‎.

[ II ] Socially Responsible Research Benefits: As the “the ‎socially responsible thing to do” (anonymous social credits fueling research & personal social responsibility), DDD's services provide useful anonymous comparison (public & scientific interest), from members with similar ‎psychometric tags, on almost any topic. It will also serve as an indispensable distribution channel for medical & industry ‎surveys, rewarding the member’s 501(c)3, for more honest survey results, since the survey rewards are for each ‎person’s favorite 501(c)3 vs. direct compensation. ‎

Psychometric data & anonymous daily behavior are invaluable to many socially responsible industries, whose research is often based on finding ‎statistically significant correlations (patterns) between psychometrics, geography, race, religion, political view, sexual aversion, etc., that can't be found anywhere else & why it is so valuable for research & philanthropy, as it is anonymous.

[ III ] HOT Markets: DDD has wrangled this "can't lose business" (aside from the networking perspective of AnonymityInc) that includes but is not limited, to being expert in five [5] of the hottest consulting markets in the world today, namely [1] The GDPR, that got more visibility than Beyonce & deeply affects marketing & legal, [2] Security & Privacy, from 30+ years in biometrics & corporate security (IBM, CSC & MMDS) committee roles, [3] Manipulating Highly Secure Legacy/ Enterprise/ Cloud data, like it was simple, fast SQL middleware, [4] Psychometrics, that accurately predicts a person's personality/ temperament/ behavior from an assessment of their needs, motivations, values & experiences, and [5} 501(c)3 consulting, that every socially beneficial R&D needs for its' on-going funding... before even considering [6] the invaluable research we'll generate and [7] the funding for 501(c) philanthropy we'll create with our partners, who will help us to overee the multiple required integrity programs for this franchisable (packaged services) venture. What is the program's potential? - Read on.

[ IV ] Harnessing anonymous psychometric research data for socially responsible use, transforms ‎the extraordinary ‎value of anonymous market research into an ‎extraordinary amount of social ‎impact & business intelligence.  Here, ‎anonymous social interaction data becomes a social ‎currency for people & ‎their causes, along with a foundation for ‎actionable business insight. 

DDD's business & future are about really BIG Data, a philanthropic economy, trust, openness ‎& sterling service(s) integrity.  It is also about helping our best competitors establish this industry, as one of the knowledgeable consultancies of consumer licensed, anonymous psychometric data, and champions of philanthropy.

<<<‎ “We need to address everyone’s security & privacy concerns
, by making all market research data anonymous but invaluable with ‎psychometric, social & geo-demographic tags, which together reveals the multiple character traits, archetype behavior patterns & multi-‎dimensional analysis of each person's needs, motivations, value systems & experiences.

Albeit anonymous (protecting privacy), ‎licensed & socially responsible DEEP data research adds pattern analysis & behavior prediction (insight) to all of our sponsor's & ‎host's remarketing data. ‎ All data sales are tax deductible, in addition to the philanthropic goodwill value & focused, anonymous ‎psychometric data insights you'll get, that you won't find elsewhere" Phil Nakata quoted (in the press). “along with the support of worthy ‎causes by their social impact & popularity>>>  This is so big we need a management consulting partner to audit us.

[ V ] What is Digitally Dominant Data's 1st objective? - Delivery of a 501(c)3 Solution for Security, Privacy & Socially Responsible Research, Marketing, Funding and Philanthropy,  
by making research data (from every source) anonymous yet invaluable (using psychometric & generic social & geo-demographic tags) for socially responsible market research, marketing and philanthropic support, by carefully monitoring the use of our data, and the social impact of those 501(c)3 causes our members ( support.  

We do Deep Data Mining: This is a very comprehensive data collection strategy that uses pattern analysis and behavior prediction. It has many applications; for instance, this technology can reveal the psychological profile of an individual just by tracking his/her search pattern over the internet.  It can also be used to establish the best way(s) for two people to communicate, understanding how both of their needs, motivations, value systems & resulting behavior patterns can (or can not) work together to achieve their individual objectives in a transaction.  

As stated earlier, we (DDD) work on some of the most important unsolved problems in computer sciences (like P=NP), for you folks that know what that expression means (and its' quantum entanglement implications).  

The general idea comes from my work with configurator technologies (mixing multiple formats of logic/AI like rules & formulas, vs constraint based logic, exceptions & more, along with dynamically addressing multiple data schemas).  Most of the ways that we get to big data quick, require applying multiple, overlapping constraints to reduce the answer set, on magnitudes of order, and understanding non-conventional access like NoSQL.  

Respectively, this is also how you approach biometrics effectively for mass terrorist screening (99% efficiency), e.g. To view it as truth verification and stress detection (vs. its' misconception as a lie detector).  To learn more, see DDD/'Horizons' (below).

[ VI ] We are currently accepting partnership bids from management consulting vendors for the 501(c)3 DDD Division:  GDPR-SAFE™ & 501c3-SME™ BIG Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropic Services Practice, that also manages™ and its' charitable trust, in conjunction with our partners. Click ===> HERE for our special Management Consulting Partners' LANDING Page (and list of pre-selected partners), or click HERE to see how much time remains to bid. And again, welcome to Digitally Dominant Automotive.

GDPR-SAFE™‎, ‎501c3-SME™&™ are trademarks of Digitally Dominant Data, a division of Digitally Dominant Automotive LLC; @2018; offices in Watsonville, CA, Longmont, CO, Union City, GA & Palm Springs, CA; more coming very soon.

What I want for Christmas
To be powered by AnonymityInc.Net - Click HERE for McLaren Test Drive.
On the other hand, powered by AnonymityInc.Net, a Bugatti Chiron would be a nicer 501(c)3 perk... <test drive link>
Ferrari Challenge 2018 – Laguna Seca Recap

Jonathan Silva, DDA CEO & Founder, is a former professional car racer, whose tours included races like this  (click to play)  3rd round of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, at Laguna Seca... enjoy! 
Jonathan's Car #1
Jonathan's 2009 GTR
Jonathan's Dog #1
Jonathan, I'm so, so glad you are home!

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