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Digitally Dominant Automotive & Data's Polymath  Founders

NOTE:  Phil, who's been on the Net since before the World Wide Web (newsgroup), helped launch NewsNet (one of the 1st subscription newsletters) and digital publishing (for a printer & ad agency), worked with the world's frst biometric patent, first wireless patent, former IBM CTO, and Open Source evangelist (since 1999), who worked as 1st report to the head of IBM Intellectual Capital... has a link with practially every social media and networking group. Welcome to our 'merry' band of polymaths, whose musical associates include a few of the original 'Merry Pranksters'... just so you know why we're interested in supporting musicians who support philanthropy.

The team bio's reflect a view of how our different talents and experience comes together for our strategic initiatives, as compared to the links to our individual resumes & CVs.  As one of the house experts on psychometrics, Phi's CV (certainly not a resume brief) contains his DISC, MBTI and FFM personality profiles.

We work on some of the most important unsolved problems in computer science (like P vs. NP) and the auto industry (like DTC, Opcodes & Dispatch codes, associated with the maintenance schedules for all sub-system vs. major sub-systems, security & NOSQL), while promoting anonymity, psychometrics & philanthropy, most associated with Digitally Dominant Data, a 501(c)3, GDPR, BIG Data Consulting, Psychometric Research & Philanthropy Club,

DDA/DDD Team Bios


Team BIOs

Jonathan Silva Resume

Jonathan Silva

CEO, Managing Director

Aaron S. Nakata's Resume

Aaron Shimizu Nakata

Director, Engineering & Programming

Phillip R. Nakata, Curriculum Vitae

Phillip Rowland Nakata

Director Strategy, BI & Architecture


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