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Digitally Dominant Data 
Press Release Kit

‎This page contains resources and information for reporters, publishers, futurists, business/social celebrities & social technology polymaths ‎like the founders. We love press, here’s everything you need to put your story together as well as how to reach us.  We’ve already given you our story, mission statement and overall process in our press release (or see our main ‎presentation below), so here is everything else:  Graphics: YouTube, Logos, SMRC Graphics & Forms, Video Pages, DDA Auto (cover)‎ - 34 Resources links and growing. 

‎ NOTE: The SMRC Graphics are based on a similar prior model (anonymous research for charity) that included biometrics & ad servers (as compared with DDD model that is all about managing the data)‎.   Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.


90 Logan St, Watsonville, CA & 1332 Lincoln St, Longmont, CO


Email:  & Phone: +1 303 800 5766